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Текст песни thurisaz - dead space 2 русская

Dec 19, 2014 Disc 1 (CD). 1. Symbols, 03:57. (loading lyrics.) 2. Interlude I, 02:18. (loading lyrics.) 3. Years of Silence, 05:27. (loading lyrics.) 4. Finality. Thurisaz is a Belgian metal band from Wervik. Their music is a combination of atmospheric All members of Thurisaz are involved in writing the lyrics of their songs. While Peter and Mattias Theuwen are the primary musical composers, each. May 22, 2015 . Lyrics for Stargaze by Thurisaz. Never thought upon a million stars That I would ever see a sight this bright

Руны: Тип письма: консонантно-вокалическое письмо. Языки: древнегерманский. Lyrics to 'Thurisaz' by Graveland. Sharp thorn hurts a noble man To let him know the taste of blood. / But the intruder must beware of him, Because death sleeps. ENDLESS. LYRICS by THURISAZ: I was drowning in a dying moment / Drowning in her eyes / Feeling. May 28, 2015 . Lyrics for Years of Silence by Thurisaz. Years of silence without any hope For life has seemed to forget me No wasted tears


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